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"Around 50 nos of B7R MARK 1 Volvo intercity buses have crossed individually over 15 lac kms with Telma retarders & we have not even touched the retarder part & Engine performance has been exceptional at 15 lac kms.
- Mr.Anil Savla – MD of Neeta Travels

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Market drivers for Telma in India

The Telma Retarder has 85% of it’s brake power already at 3 km/h and therefore will work also during the slow speed in the crowded cities across the World.

The Telma Retarder is autonomous from the engine cooling circuit and does not consume fuel or cause drag as the electromagnetic retarder does switch “on” and “off” within mille-seconds.

Brake Life Extension is the logic result of predominantly “Stop & Go Application” in big cities due to the faster response time with engagement or disengagement of the auxiliary brake system (Telma Retarder) in less than 0, 2 seconds. Less cost caused by maintenance and higher revenues due to less downtime for brake lining replacements.

The operational cost of the vehicle will reduce with the Telma Retarder installed, due to the brake life extension (up to 7 times), no wear or tear on power train components, lower temperatures at the services brake therefore less tire damage and longer life of your axle hubs.

The Telma Retarder installed by the vehicle OEM or in retrofit will increase the value of your operations and reduce your liability versus your clients, driver and goods to transport. Insurance companies are keen on incentives.

The Telma Retarder is designed and development with a focus on simplicity in terms of system integration, function and maintenance. Since 60 years the favorite retarder of every driver or operator.

The Telma Retarder is either applied fully automatic applied via the brake pedal or can be comfortably use with hand control. The Telma Retarder is suitable for all emission standards.

As the Telma Retarder is friction free (no contact or wear) the maintenance is limited to visual inspections every 60.000 km. No computers….no software….just straight forward inspection of your batteries, alternator and Telma electrical connections and air-gap settings.

The Telma Retarder is available with a complete range for bus & coach, rear - or front engine and trucks between 3.5 and 75 ton GVW.

The best retarder product in terms of life cycle cost and cost of ownership
also that every modern operator know how to calculate and appreciate.

The Telma Retarder is built & supplied by our organization certified and compliant with the international norms ISO / TS 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 and is the favorite auxiliary brake system for over 150 commercial vehicle manufacturers, body-builders and converters.

Telma is recognized globally by it applications & releases with all major component manufacturers like ZF, Eaton, Fast Gear, Qijiang, DANA, Meritor, Kessler and many more.

The Telma Retarder the only partner for operators, drivers and fleet owners in the World.