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"Around 50 nos of B7R MARK 1 Volvo intercity buses have crossed individually over 15 lac kms with Telma retarders & we have not even touched the retarder part & Engine performance has been exceptional at 15 lac kms.
- Mr.Anil Savla – MD of Neeta Travels

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CEO Desk

Telma, the forerunner in the friction-free braking system based on the principle of electromagnetic induction, has built its unique expertise through sixty years of presence in the market. During this long journey, Telma has managed to create a dent in the global auxiliary braking market with its superior technology, unparalleled customer-centric innovation, and a resilient leadership, thus significantly contributing to the improvement of road safety.

Banking on this supreme technology and leadership, Telma Retarders India Pvt. Limited (TRIPL) was established, as a move towards expanding Telma’s global reach in promoting the importance of the integration of retarders in the commercial vehicles for transportation of passengers and goods. TRIPL, with its gamut of ground-breaking products has already proven to be an important product for the Indian market, especially with regards to new emission standards (Euro IV or higher).

Telma’s induction braking systems are a perfect-fit for sub-tropical climatic conditions of India, which unlike its competition is immune to ill-effects of temperature and pressure. Telma’s attention-to-detail product development has enabled the products to be autonomous from the engine cooling systems, frictionless and maintenance friendly, which makes it a favourite among Indian transporters. Telma products are highly suitable for ‘Stop & Go’ applications as they provide maximum torque from speeds as low as 3 kmph, which is ideal for the slow moving traffic in the majority of roads in India.

TRIPL’s rich product portfolio comprises of 250 retarder variations for road vehicles, providing braking torques of 350 Nm to 3300 Nm. These products can be mounted on drive-shafts, gearboxes or drive axles, thus providing solutions to a large variety of vehicle configurations. TRIPL also provides on-board electronic systems that ensure the compatibility of its braking systems with ABS, EBS and ESP systems.

By not restricting ourselves to the automotive sector, we provide induction braking systems in versions designed for industrial uses such as test benches, elevators, wind turbines, streetcars, train engines and wagons. Keen attention has been given in designing the Telma products which makes it robust and at the same time easy to integrate, thus increasing the performance of the system. Telma's Quality System, which is certified ISO TS16949 and ISO 9001 (Quality Management), ISO 14001 (Environmental Protection) and OHSAS 18001 (Health & Safety), reveals ourstrong commitment towards achieving high customer satisfaction.

“Success is a continuous process”. This principle is continuously driving the Telma team to improve our products through diligent and effective innovation, thus helping us provide high quality products and services while anticipating market needs. Our persistent R&D team are always in pursuit of technologies that enhance the safety, comfort, and handling levels of the commercial vehicles simultaneously boosting the total return on investments for the costumers.

Since 2012, TRIPL has been selling its products as completely built units imported from the group production entities in France and China. By mid 2015, our assembly plant for assembling CKD units (imported from France and China) at Chennai will be fully functional. By first quarter of 2016, we expect to achieve complete localized product at our plant in Chennai.