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Key Advantages AF 2 versus AE / AF 3

AF 2 Telma Retarder has been specially designed to suite vehicles below 3.5 tons:
...a new market segment for Telma Retarder.

  • The AF20-25 is compact (250mm x 250mm).
  • Compare AF2 top side mounted at same altitude than AE creates 95mm ground clearance.
  • Compare AF 2 axis mounted at same altitude than AE creates additional 48 mm ground clearance.
  • The AF20-25 is light weight: 52 kg + 3 kg (brackets + silent-blocks).
  • The AF20-25 can be mounted on high speed application : up to 5.000 rpm
  • The AF20-25 offers more brake - torque than AE with 60 % activated : 250 Nm
  • The AF20-25 is plug & play concept of installation. Brackets assembled with possibility to adjust the bracket angle.
  • Suited for the new Telma Control System called iRCS, compatible for J 1939 (ODB II).
  • Available starting April 2013, full production ramp up during Q 4 or 2013.